Mikade Pottorff


License # 0805598

Meet Mikade

With a lineage deeply rooted in the world of real estate, Mikade brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and dedication to the Austin real estate market. Joining the ranks of the highly successful team, The FAB Property Group, Mikade is poised to make an indelible mark on the industry, building upon the impressive legacy of his family.

Growing up in a household where real estate discussions were the norm, it's no surprise that Mikade developed an innate understanding of the market from an early age. Witnessing his mother's illustrious 23-year-long career, (and still going), as a top 0.5% Austin area REALTOR®, he absorbed invaluable lessons about client care, negotiation prowess, and the art of matching individuals with their dream homes.

Beyond the influence of his industrious mother, Mikade has been inspired by his grandfather's architectural genius and his father's foray into development and commercial real estate within the city. This unique combination has instilled in him a deep appreciation for the intricate details that make a property truly exceptional.

Whether it's understanding the craftsmanship of a well-designed home or recognizing the potential for development, Mikade possesses an eye for excellence that sets him apart.

But Mikade’s talents don't end with real estate. He can be found wakeboarding around the beautiful lakes in Austin as a semi-pro wakeboarder or playing in bands across the live music capital of the world. Combining his innate real estate acumen with his unwavering dedication and diverse interests, Mikade offers a refreshing perspective on Austin's competitive market.

His exceptional blend of industry knowledge, family legacy, and personal passions make him the ideal guide for those seeking to embark on their own real estate journey.

As Mikade steps onto the scene as Austin's rising star REALTOR®, it's clear that he is poised to create a lasting impact, enriching lives one property at a time. With his sharp instincts, boundless enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to excellence, he is ready to turn your real estate dreams into reality.