Interior Design After the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic that engulfed our country last year has caused many of us to take a second look at the style of our home’s interior design. We now spend much more time inside our homes, working, playing, and relaxing. The style in which we decorate our homes has become much more important to us than it was in the past. So what does the future of interior home design look like after the Covid-19 pandemic?


The Master Bedroom

Sitting areas have long been a popular feature of a master bedroom. Having a cozy spot to relax and enjoy a good book, a cup of coffee or tea, and just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life has become more important during the pandemic. For rooms that don’t have the space for a complete sitting area, people are opting to place a smaller love seat or sofa at the end of their bed. There’s just something very relaxing and enjoyable about hanging out in your bedroom.


Color Trends

The pandemic has created unrest and anxiety from being stuck in our homes for longer periods of time. People have begun searching for wall colors that instill a sense of comfort and security. By applying color therapy, homeowners achieve a specific mood and ambiance throughout their homes. Shades of blue and green, which help us visualize oceans or bodies of water, have always been used as calming colors. Light neutral colors are also known for their calming effects. Delicate shades of pinks and champagne colors are gaining in popularity.


Home Office Spaces

Work-from-home opportunities have gone from a perk to a mandated part of many jobs and they may now become permanent. These will require larger, more dedicated home offices. The “home office” is no longer a place to just pay bills and check out emails. That spare bedroom or den is being redesigned to replace our make-shift, temporary workstations. It’s not suitable to communicate with clients and co-workers in an environment that says “Hey, I’m working from my kitchen table”, with family members scurrying back and forth in the background. For people living in smaller spaces, their office design will now include multifunctional pieces like drop-down desks and bookcases that blend into the rest of the room’s décor.


Other areas are being redesigned as workstations for students doing distance learning. These spaces may not be in the actual home office, but they need to be set up to provide clear workspaces and to reduce household distractions.


Mudrooms and Entry Points

We have all become more aware of germs and bringing them into our homes after that trip to the grocery or the jaunt to the department store. We now want a dedicated space to remove shoes and coats and to unmask without bringing those items further into our homes. Having a safe space to remove these items has become more important than it was in the past.


At-Home Entertainment Areas

Staying home is considered safe these days. In-home gathering spaces have become a safer alternative for get-togethers and celebrations. People are not going to restaurants or theaters as often as they did before the pandemic struck. In addition to larger gathering spaces, having a fully functioning media room with a projector for streaming videos and movies is now more important to many families.


Spa-Like Bathrooms

The bathroom will no longer be a place to just bathe, put on makeup, or brush your teeth. With travel and vacations on hold, people are looking for ways to replicate that luxury hotel experience. Multi-head steam showers with seating, soaking tubs, and in-home saunas are becoming more popular these days. The use of more easy to clean surfaces like ceramic tile and natural stone countertops and flooring are becoming the go-to style.


The pandemic has forced us to become more focused on the importance of home. A nice home is no longer just a place to show off our success in life. It has become our safe haven, a place to escape the invisible dangers lurking just outside our front doors. Interior design has become more about the function of a space and less about just its overall appearance.